About Us

In June 2018 we became the first company in Scotland to offer Eco-Friendly Electric city tours. We at eKogoose like the simple things in life. We want to inject a little bit of fun into the world, attract new friends but at the same time reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the noise levels in our streets. Ekogoose, offers 100% electric fun-filled tours in one of the world’s most beautiful cities in a unique way. Our buggies do the same as traditional vehicles, they get people from A to B. However, it’s the way our buggies do it that makes a world of a difference. They are 100% electric and thus environmentally friendly. They’re completely silent and surprisingly powerful. They’re cute and their eye-catching looks stop you in your tracks.

Why Choose Us

Breath taking Routes: Two hourly Departures throughout the day:

Panoramic views, exhilarating hills, famous landmarks – what more could you ask for? No matter the weather we promise you that you will have a ball as you scoot down the Royal Mile, wiz up Arthur’s seat and at the same time learn the history of Scotland’s capital city.

We Keep You Snug As A Bug:

Scotland is famous for it's weather where we can experience four seasons in one day! Never fear! We offer snuggly blankets, to keep you warm and happy.

We Send You Free Pictures:

Our guides snap pictures of you and your party along the route with designated stops in the city. We post all pictures to Facebook for you to cherish and share.

It’s Fun:

Our buggies are cute and their eye-catching looks have everyone stopping for a look. You won’t just see the tourist attractions, you’ll be one!