We except all major credit/debit cards with no extra surcharges.
There are No booking fees. The price you are quoted is the price you pay.
Once booked there are no refunds unless we the operator are unable to fulfil the booking. If this is the case then a full refund will be given.
Go to our tour page for prices.


Two people with at least one adult.
Yes. We do not allow children less than 5yrs old to take a tour and each passengers between the age of 5yrs old and 18yrs old must be accompanied by an adult.

Pick-up Points

If your hotel is out with the city postcodes of EH1, EH2 and EH3 then you need to meet us at our default pick-up point, at the rear of Canon Court Apartments, 20 Cannonmills, EH3 5LH, just off Warriston Road.
We can pick you up from your hotel/accommodation, at no extra cost. As long as your hotel/accommodation is located in either a EH1, EH2 or EH3 postcode, it is safe to do so and as long as you have written confirmation from us in advance we will pick you up. Just pop the address of your hotel/accommodation into the appropriate section of the booking form.

Suggestions and Tips

Unless its freak weather, heavy snow or advised by the Scottish roads department not to travel, your tour will be ready to go.
As it is Scotland please dress appropriately for weather conditions. We will provide you with warm blankets if needed.

Travel Recommendations

The driver will wait for you for up to 15 minutes before the tour is automatically cancelled. Please note no refund will be given in these circumstances. Please ensure the mobile number you have provided to us on booking is correct, working and switched on so that we can contact you.
In the event of our guide being late due to an unforeseen incident, we will call you to make sure you are aware. So please ensure that the mobile number you provided to us is correct and the mobile is working and switched on.
eKogoose tours cannot be held responsible for traffic jams, delays or road works which affect scheduling.


Customers/clients must have adequate and appropriate insurance to cover personal injury or loss of property.